Give yourself a moment...Tasting

The people we welcome at the winery for a guided tour with tasting, or more simply for their own purchases, are fascinated by this enchanted place, a small hamlet built by recovering thousands of ancient stones, surrounded by an oasis, because, in addition to the vineyards with their colours that gently seduce as the seasons change, we are surrounded by ancient apple and peach trees, farmyard animals that have now become mascots, and of course wild animals that find a safe place to take refuge here.

We live the desire to participate in people's lives by establishing a relationship of trust that lasts over time. A magic that makes encounters moments to remember forever, to be able to fix them in the memory and relive them in the illusion that they can be repeated again and again. Shaking hands, meeting glances, getting to know different cultures, toasting with sincerity, all through a sip of wine and thanks to him discovering the infinity of surprising and unexpected pairings and understanding that there is no one way to understand the absolute.