Our History

Our vineyards are located in Roncade in the province of Treviso, between the Venice lagoon and the Montello hills. This is an area with ideal temperatures and characterised by interesting temperature ranges between day and night, conditions that favour the perfect ripening of the grapes.
In this environment, illuminated by the sun and caressed by the breeze, in a clayey soil with a vocation for vines, we raise Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Franc in the three plots all adjacent to the winery. The rows are positioned considering the terroir and the best exposure conditions, because our wines are born in the vineyard with a maniacal care that starts right from the field in respect of the land and the plant. We strongly believe that it is important to respect the rhythms of nature and harvest the fruits it offers us, following the agronomic techniques of organic farming. This allows us to obtain a truly natural product that only small productions can guarantee.

From each grape a story is born, a unique story: raising vines is like watching your children grow up: on the one hand you can educate them, stimulate them, straighten them out, on the other hand you have to leave it to nature. That's exactly how it is for our wines: the microclimate, the heat, the cold, the rain, the fear of hail, the fog are all elements that we cannot control and that make each vintage different and unique. Vineyards always have, even over the years, something to teach us. There are so many elements that make this exciting, a fine balance of colours, scents, aromas, flavours, tastes, persistence in a continuous search for perfection.

Caring for the soil, respecting and enhancing it is the meaning we give to our daily work. We all share the physical effort, the experience, the creative ferment, the experimentation .

Our Identity

It is a story born of a passion. A strong, absolute term that grants no discount, but which often has deep roots in one's being and which sooner or later rebels, comes out into the open to be illuminated by the rays of the sun. The warmth helps to warm, to soothe and to let that passion slowly mature, until it is in front of your eyes now transformed and difficult to recognise because then it is pure reality.
A passion for the land and ancient farming traditions, for nature and inseparable, authentic family values. And so the illusion is transmitted, involves and is embraced from generation to generation: once again, history is written. Now it has the scent of the grape harvests, ours is an olfactory memory and the memories are marked by the important moments that accompany the vine in its awakening, in its ripening and in the moment of gifting the results...

Caring for the earth, respecting and enhancing it is the meaning we give to our daily work. We all share the physical effort, the experience, the creative ferment, the experimentation . We set to work every day with enthusiasm, in the knowledge that family unity is our most important value.

We are proud to be able to guarantee that the wines we produce are the result of grapes harvested on our own land, the only way we know how to have total control of the production chain right up to the bottling, labelling and packaging of our wines, and this ensures the very high standard of quality. Terre Di San Rocco

Classic method

Producing Classic method with an original and eclectic style, in an area known throughout the world for the production of Prosecco, requires a good dose of recklessness and madness.

"I have always heard from our grandparents about a wine, which in our area was called 'sampagna', and talking to them I discovered that it was in these very soils that the grapes that allowed it to be at its best were grown. It was a wine that after alcoholic fermentation retained a natural residual sugar, because only grapes well exposed to the sun were selected, ripe with significant residual sugar, subject to long fermentations that stopped with the winter cold. Clearly, as spring temperatures rose, alcoholic fermentation resumed, from which a lively, fragrant wine with captivating organoleptic complexity was obtained and poured only on great occasions. In the absence of appropriate technology, it was nature that dictated the timing. It happened that in the cellar during refermentation the bottles would burst and to avoid this they would lie in the wet sand. The tales were so fascinating and full of anecdotes that they were no longer enough: I had to try... And so I wanted to retrace the ancient traditions, in a modern guise, in order to taste what seemed to have been lost... In 2010 I began my adventure, and of course when you experiment there is always the fear of making mistakes, but in the end I was not experimenting, I was recovering ancient knowledge. Time would give an answer to all my questions, but it flowed slowly so I could be patient. That's the way it is with wine: waiting must be respected! When at last, on a festive day, I wanted to taste the contents of a bottle with the whole family, the tension was building, or perhaps it was just the excitement, perhaps the effort had been futile, it would not have satisfied me. The dream of regaining a memory would remain. As I silently poured, I observed the colour, the perlage. Would it have interesting aromas? And its taste? I decided to pour it for everyone and we would all taste it together to exchange opinions. It was an exciting revelation! We were rediscovering in a goblet the territory and its history, scents, aromas and flavours that had disappeared. And thus was born our Metodo Classico and the plan to recover ancient traditions to allow new generations to enjoy a piece of our history."

Our still wines

Wines designed not to alter the characteristics of each grape variety, but to enhance them by allowing year after year the wonder that makes a wine unique, unmistakable, authentic, identifiable because each vintage is different and so it must be, never one year is comparable to another.
Straightforward wines that synthesise in their essence what has been in the vineyard, in a coincidence of soil, light and temperature, and thanks to what nature has in store, being able to enjoy wines that are enveloping, balanced and elegant.
Controlled temperatures, perfect humidity, darkness and silence also favour the ageing of the wines in oak barrels and tonneaux. Time will advise when it is the right time to bottle, it whispers it unhurriedly and we are ready to listen.